As the chair of the Chemistry Outreach Committee, Kyle has been closely involved in developing and executing outreach events all over this part of the Central Valley, over 20 events that reach over 4,000 people annually. These activities include chemistry demonstrations, interactive chemistry exhibits, tours of research laboratories, and public lectures. Besides supervising and narrating chemistry shows for children of all ages, he also gave the first UC Davis SCInema presentation (see video below). Sommer and Zach have also been involved in outreach demonstrations. 

Zach doing table demonstrations at picnic day.


Sommer demonstrates propane combustion at an outreach event at an elementary school by triggering an explosion a propane-filled balloon with just a small flame.


As emcee, Kyle talks about liquid nitrogen while a graduate student pours some on the concrete to the amazement of a young audience.


Kyle at a chem show


Sommer at Chem show